Have you ever wondered what men think about small boobs?

We did... ALL - THE -TIME!.

What do they think about women with a flat chest? Will they find us attractive? Are small boobs really a turn-off?

Today we interviewed Ricky (@rickyachterstraat). business entrepreneur and fitness enthusiasts who shares with us his thoughts about small boobs and relationships. 

Read the interview or watch the video below👇🏽


Hi I'm Ricky, I'm in my 30s , I'm from New  Zealand and I live in Bangkok, Thailand.  I'm into  e-commerce. I enjoy business, I enjoy the hustle. 


Perfezione: What do you think about small boobs?

What do I think about small boobs... Well...

To be honest, I didn't actually think it was a "thing". I was surprised when you approached me and asked me to talk about this because I didn't actually realize it was an issue. 

I've never actually thought anything  different. It's just like whether someone's tall or short blonde hair , red hair, black hair like.. it's not a a game changer? It's not something that I personally would focus on. .

It's something you notice, yeah. For example, when you walk by someone - Are they tall? - but it's not something that like "oh wow that's what I would want". It's never been sort of a check box in my list you could say

Perfezione: So what do you find attractive about a woman? 

What do I find attractive about a woman is pretty much the personality. Obviously the looks  and everything is what gets the attention to begin with but it's the personality. You could be  the hottest person ever but have a complete  wallpaper worth personality....

And as cliche as it sounds it's confidence the sexiest thing a girl can wear. Is confidence and  I want to be able to be with someone that I can engage in conversation with and be challenged  with,   as a guy you're wanting someone who can who can push you and who is there to support you.

And I'm not being sexist about it but you want to have someone who  who believes in you as well. Because as a guy you want  a cheerleader  in your team as bad as it sounds. You generally want that and to be honest your boob size doesn't actually affect that.

Perfezione: In your opinion the size matter to you?

No, it doesn't matter. And you're talking to a guy who's only like  five five (laughs) it doesn't , it honestly doesn't.

And I find it really frustrating and really hurtful as well when people just sort of judge you because you're not very tall or anything and i'd imagine it would be the same for girls with their boob size.

For me, it's never been a thing. It's not going to be like a game changer. If there's two girls that I want to talk to I'm not going to go to the one with big boobs i'm  going to go and talk to the one who smiles at me.

So it's all about your personality.  You don't need to have a huge chest to be attractive. You really don't , it's all about your personality.  I would choose a girl with a nice smile over one with a nice body to  approach any day of the week . 

Perfezione: If you were a girl how would you deal with  someone commenting or making fun of your chest size?

Well I can tell you that when I was younger , as I said before,  growing up I did get racist comments all the time. 


All the time and these were things that I couldn't change about myself. And people would make fun of my eyes and everything and I remember it hurt .
I still remember it and what I did during that time is that I didn't dwell on it?  I just ignored it.

I guess but from what came out of that took it as an opportunity to be able to focus on the things that I was good at or what I did have going for me? Which one of the things was my personality.  I worked on my personality,  worked on my confidence. Just because I never ever been that that good looking  guy that walks in the room and got everyone's attention but I wanted to be so  I  worked on my personality.

So when I went into the room then I wouldn't  necessarily get all the attention but by the end  everyone knew my name, everyone knew who I was what my deal was because i had worked on my personality and my confidence.

So my advice to you,  if you're a girl and people are hassling you and commenting on your small boobs,  look at it for what it is. It's such a superficial thing that eventually as you grow up it's not going to  be an issue. It's not going to be as people mature but you have  to look at what you've got going on for you like.

What can you do whether it's your personality  whether you're an athlete whether you're like into certain things is embrace who you are and double down on that.


Perfezione: How much does the size of the boobs influence what happens in the bedroom? 

Good question. The only way that I sort of feel  it would affect it in the bedroom it's not from a guy's perspective but from a girl's perspective if she's super self-conscious about it.

But if you're a girl and you're confident on how you look and  you're feeling sexy and you can portray that in the bedroom then that's going to carry over into  any sort of activity extra curricular activities in the bedroom.

And that's where I sort of see a weakness if you're super self-conscious about it the whole time, if you are shy obviously it's going to affect what happens. But if you're confident about it and you're sexy and you're feeling it and you're on the mood no guy's gonna say no

Let's be honest, no guy's gonna say no.  How you feel will affect how he feels as well so I mean it all comes down to you.

As a guy it's not gonna change much,  it isn't and it's not gonna be a turn off.

I can almost guarantee it's not going to make a difference, it really isn't,  it really isn't.

But again I'm telling you now if you're  feeling sexy and you take charge and you show them who's boss then I'm sure it's not gonna be a problem. If you're in a loving meaningful relationship and everything  then it shouldn't actually be a problem anyway. #seeknoapproval

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