Melissa's Story: Embracing Small Boobs

by Valentina Rivera

"I have made myself into an art piece"

For Mel, looking at herself as a masterpiece was the key to true self-confidence. 

As she painted her portrait, she realised that she was being a bit "too hard" on her all these years. Looking at her body from an artist's perspective, helped her become aware of her uniqueness and authenticity.

if you want to learn more about Mel’s story, how she shifted her mindset and became grateful of her body in her 50's, then you must watch the interview below or just continue reading

Video Highlights:

0:31 "Small boobs are elegant"
1:15 "It's not worth the pain and the suffering"
2:14   Because rudeness can not be tolerated
3:41 "There are other areas that we can always focus on"
5:15  "I have made myself into an art piece"


Because our bodes are master pieces


Hi, I'm Melissa. I'm an artist. I'm from Singapore. Welcome to my work space. I'll be 50 by the end of the year, and I'm a proud mom of two girls, age 20 and 16. Without further ado, let me thank Perfezione official for this interview.


Grateful with life, her body & itty bittys

Perfezione: What do you think about small boobs?

Melissa: Right. I think small boobs are elegant. They are classy looking and they are highly represented in arts, sports, and performance. Small boobs are wonderful. When one ages or when we come of age, they do not conform to a gravity and they don't sag. They remain perky. They remain youthful. On the plus side as well, small boobs allows one to have a variety of clothing. You can wear a variety of clothing without unwanted attention 

Perfezione:  Have you ever considered breast enlargement surgery?

Melissa: Well, just like many insecure small boob ladies, yes, right. But preferring breasts that will look natural on me, I would probably just choose something between a full A or a small B. So I went on the internet and did as much research as I can. And whatever reviews I read were never positive, mostly negative.

A lot of women actually end up unwell and going through lots of pain and suffering and having to even go to explants. And because of that, I thought, it's not worth the pain and the suffering. And besides that, you have to spend lots of money. So I never detain that thought anymore. 

Perfezione: How do you deal with a person making fun of your boobs?

Melissa: I remember years ago when I wore this, I wouldn’t say it's really low cut. It’s just somewhere around here, but it’s enough to show off my bony chest. And I walked past these two girls along the way to the train station. And I could see them looking at me, especially when they were looking around here and they're always staring and sniggering to each other. It hurt. Thinking that they might be making fun of my lack of this area. And of course, I didn't confront them. Trying to give the benefit of doubt that they were probably looking at or laughing at something else. Right?

But most of the time if I do get remarks, it's not really unkind or rude but they're always made by friends or relatives about how skinny I am and not eating enough which is very, very annoying actually. Having people tell you how much you should eat and how much you should weigh. Now, but if I do come across someone who is outrightly rude, then yes, I will put the person in his or her place because I think rudeness just cannot be tolerated. Isn't it?  

Because it's all matter of perspective

Perfezione: What are your styling tips to fit and flatter small boobs?

Melissa: I wouldn't say fit and flatter my small boobs. I rather probably key up on other strengths that I have. I’d rather show off my shoulders or my arms, maybe my waist, or even my butt. There are other areas that we can always focus on rather than just our boobs. But other than that, rather than relying on the physical qualities or the lack of it, I prefer to play with styles.

And I have a soft spot for bohemian styles, graphic tees, graphic patterns, that are bold. And I love to play with contrast, with all these patterns and these styles or the looks that I have, because as an artist I love contrast. I love the energy of contrast that it brings in conflict. And for me, it's a challenge. And it's fun for me to balance this kind of conflict even in my looks.

So I never, never go wrong, something very simple as just a form fitting top and something more below at the bottom or a loser top and something tighter at the bottom. And being petite and on the slim side, color blocking does flatter this body type a lot.  

Perfezione: What helps you feel confident in your own skin?

Melissa: Well, let me address that feeling confident in your own skin. Would that be like accepting yourself, accepting the way you look. Right? And being an artist, I thought to myself, why not paint myself? Because if I paint myself, I get to confront the way I look and capture the way I am as honestly as I can. So I did this piece. And this is the completed piece.

Now by doing so, I was able to look at it more objectively and not so much myself anymore. But this is another subject or another object that I am addressing. And when I'm done with it, it sort of helped me come to terms with myself more.

In the process of doing it, I started to appreciate the way I look. And the sense of self was elevated.  Not only that I have made myself into an art piece, which is quite remarkable, isn't it?  


Portrait of her beauty and uniqueness


The new Mel, confident, strong and beautiful inside out

Well, I wouldn't say that this is the ultimate thing that would help me. I still have my good days and my bad days. Until recently this revelation just came to me and it was like, should I just be thankful for my body, not only the way I look, or I should be complaining of what I'm lacking.

But, the fact that this body has carried me thus far and has accomplished whatever it has accomplished thus far, isn't it something to be thankful about? Right? We should be thankful that our body is able to grow, feed us, nourish us, help us do things, create whatsoever.

And we should have this mindset of being just thankful, rather than just say accept it. Accepting is just the very tip of the iceberg kind of thing, but to be thankful for your body. Be thankful to your body. You say, “Thank you body. Thank you for carrying thus far.” And I know you will help me in the many years to come.

My body has helped me in so many ways. My body has given life to my two girls. I have nourished them with this body of mine. So don't belittle it. Right?

We are always so quick to judge ourselves, especially with ourselves. We tend to be very cruel, isn't it? Look at every line, every burn, every scar, and we forget about what this amazing body can do. Right? So I think we should enjoy it, nourish it. Be the best version of yourself as you can as much as possible with the ability that's given to you.

So once you do that, your body will thank you, isn’t it? Your body will thank you. And it will naturally exude that confidence, just naturally. Another thing is this, instead of just focusing on our bodies and ourselves all the time inwardly, think about things that you enjoy doing. Right? Do it with passion, alright? And that would be an extension of yourself, share it.

When people see that kind of passion that you have, or whatever you have done, you will come to recognize that just like that. I guess these are tips I can show you for now, and I hope it helps. Thank you very much for your time.

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