"If you don't love your body then... Who else is going to love your body?!"

 Maggie (@whoismagg) travel blogger and fellow itty bitty girlfriend shares with us her thoughts on having a #smallchest and her best tips to stay confident so you can appreciate your size too.  

 Watch the interview below or just continue reading to get inspired by her story!


Hi my name is Maggie and I'm from Bangkok, Thailand. 

Perfezione: When did you find your confidence with your small boobs?

I never really felt unconfident with my small boobs because I actually find them cute?  Unlike others I haven't thought of having bigger or smaller boobs because to me they look amazing. 
I think nobody is perfect and we are just made the way we are. We don't have to look like certain people or we don't have to look like anyone else.


Maggie grateful of the chest size nature gave her.

Perfezione: Have you ever felt insecure about your boobs when being intimate?

Sex?! No, I think they're cute. I mean like ...

What are you talking about?! (sweet smile)

IThey fit my body. I feel that if i had bigger boob s I would look like uneven.

I think small boobs are like cupcakes!  I like them! Also when i'm naked it's fine.

 i'm really confident because it's my body if you you don't love your body then who else is going to love your body?

Imagine when you get naked in front of your boyfriend or your one night stand but you're so conscious about this... how are you gonna have fun? I think the the most important thing is to enjoy your body and then other people will enjoy it too.

Perfezione: What helped you find self-confidence?

I think like a lot of time we look for validation from other people. If someone compliments with like "oh oh that's nice oh that's great" and then you would feel happy, you'll feel  good about yourself or what you do because of course we are humans and we need that boost and validation from time to time.

But the most important thing is to always like be your own cheerleader. Be there for yourself, be your best friend and just give yourself compliments, know that you are good the way you are. Because once you get addicted to so much validation from someone else you will feel like  you're lacking of something or not doing things right. And this needs to come from your own.

When we crave something from others it means that we're not giving that to ourselves.

"Beauty comes from within you, from your heart"

Perfezione: What would you say to someone who doesn't feel confident with her small chest?

I know it's so cheesy but  "You're beautiful the way you are" and I know we don't actually really do it.

But just be you because there's no one like you on this planet or even in the next hundred years so why would you want to change something about yourself?

Being attractive or feeling beautiful comes from within you. You can have the most beautiful breasts or the most beautiful face or the biggest giant ass in the world...

But if in the inside, in your soul you are like: "oh my god what someone would think of me? am i good enough?"

Then you're not gonna be attractive to anybody because in the end it's all about here (your heart) not out here. #seeknoapproval

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Thank you for products that make me feel more empowered as a woman!!! I have been scared of summer coming up but after seeing women rock the small titties, I am feeling more confident!

Jenny Ly

Thanks to you guys, now I feel strong and confident enough to love what Mother Nature gave me!

Donna Mansutti

Still trying to gain love for my ittybittytittys but pages like yours definitely start to help a little more everyday 💖

Ivanna Brown


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