“Small boobs are indeed a fashion statement”

From having issues finding clothes that properly fit her boob area, to realising small boobs are her fashion statement,  Maria’s relationship with her body has been a little bumpy yet very inspiring. 

Like many of us, she also received multiple body shaming comments about her body and how she "should look". Nevertheless, this made her stronger, confident and decisive to stop sacrificing her mental health and self-love journey for the bullies. Now, she preaches  “truthful self-love” in order to accept body diversity and embrace our differences.

At only 16 years old, she's developed a level of confidence that many women would kill to have! - including ourselves-  Keep reading or watch her interview to discover how Maria found true confidence ,and how you can do it too!

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00:52 “I had a bumpy relationship with small boobs”
01:36 Maria, body stereotypes & breast implants
02:57 Dealing with body shaming
05:36 “Small boobs are indeed a fashion statement”
07:19 What helps you feel confident in your own skin? 


@marialarisa.m looking stunning 


Hello people! My name is Maria and I am from Bucharest, Romania. I am 16 years old. I am a high schooler in the ninth grade. One of my passions are painting and writing. I like to bring awareness about different issues around the world.

Recently I wrote an article on my Instagram page about how women and girls are perceived in society, if you want to check it out. And today, I thought I'd share a part of my story about my itty-bitties.


Maria being fearlessly authentic 

Perfezione: What do you think about small boobs?

Maria: Well, I had a bumpy relationship with small boobs. When I was younger, I hated the idea of me being flat-chested, and the look of small boobs, but in time I've come to the realization that they can look good and sexy and stylish.

Of course, my thoughts on small breasts still fluctuate from day to day, depending on my mood, but I value and see their way of being beautiful.  

Perfezione: Have you ever considered breast enlargement surgery?

Maria: Yes. Yes, I have, especially when I try clothes on that I really like and they don't fit me in the boob area. That's when I'm like, I wish I had bigger tits so bad. But then I give the thought a moment to sink in. And that's when I'm like, no, I'm never getting implants. I don't want plastic in me ever. I also think a lot of us struggle with body image and would change something about our physical appearance. 

The thing is, we see all these Instagram posts and advertisements with the stereotypical perfect body implemented by society. And it makes us want it, it makes us crave it to the point where we’re willing to have a surgery to achieve that look.

I'm not saying I'm against surgery, if you think it will make you happy and fulfilled, but please give it the second thought because you are beautiful just the way you are in the end. 

Maria embracing who she is

Perfezione: How do you deal with a person body shaming you?

Maria: This is a very complex question. It brings back sweet and sour memories. I wrote some notes so that I don't forget to say everything that I have on my mind because it's a lot. I think body shaming has such an impact on how we perceive ourselves.

And it's crazy to me how little flaws can turn into big insecurities. I was told things like, don't wear this or that, why I should cover myself up. I was told really bad jokes like “it's my platter cup, a platter” which translates to “You are flatter than a pancake”. I got jokes like boy “X” has bigger tits than you, and... Is puberty ever gonna hit on you? And gosh, it gets to someone's mind in the end.

These jokes want to be added in such a way that you start criticizing your body for what? For what in the end? For the fools. For something you can't change.

And to that, I say don't. It's not worth it. I learned that on myself. Don’t sacrifice your mental health and your self-love that you work so hard on for the bullies. It's not worth it. I also believe that in the end, these remarks make us stronger and more eager to show off our lovely itty-bitties. But to answer the question now, the best trick in my opinion is to ignore, ignore, ignore the bullies.

Don't give them the satisfaction of caring, because I think in the end, they will stop if they're words don't affect anyone. And remember, they have insecurities too. I mean, you could try also discussing with them and maybe you will understand each other better afterwards and it will be more peaceful.   

Perfezione: What are your fashion choices to fit & flatter small boobs?

Maria: I adore this question. I love fashion. And in my opinion, small boobs are indeed a fashion statement. I think they look really chic and stylish. 


Because everything is about attitude


Lighting up life with a smile

So I am comfortable with showing them but I understand if you're still insecure to wear tight tops or deeper cleavage. I haven't always thought that so when I was insecure or when I just don't want the attention to be around my chest, I go for puff sleeves like these and wrinkly material.

I really like to show my shoulders because it drives the attention to my collarbone and it elongates the neck. And, I don't know. I really like it. I think a key to feeling comfortable is to find a part of your body. It doesn't matter what.

It could be your hair, your eyes or your legs—put the spotlight on. I also like to wear dresses and shorts to show off my legs. But remember, you can rock anything. So wear whatever you want.

Perfezione: What helps you feel confident in your own skin?

Maria: Unfortunately, I don't have a recipe of success. I don't even have a clear answer to be honest. It's multiple things, such as not comparing my body to others. That's a really important one. Practicing truthful self-love. And by that, I mean, accepting how you look and who you are.

And understanding that each and everybody is different. I think diversity is such a blessing in our world. And we need to cherish it more for sure.  I think with the right mindset, with a positive mindset, you can learn to be comfortable, and respect and value your body. I'm not saying I'm there yet, but I'm on my journey. And let me tell you, it's interesting.

And right now on this journey, I came across the Perfezione team. You, watching this, I'd say let's share some thoughts in the comments, shall we? Tell me what do you believe about diversity? And what would you tell someone at the beginning of their journey? Thank you so much for listening. Sending good vibes and love. Bye.

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