There’s a song I’m obsessed with right now. It plays every morning when I get ready and every evening before I tuck my tired ass into bed. So, before to read one more word. You HAVE to listen to it:

Blonde - Me, Myself & I ft. Bryn Christopher.

Because for the first time in a long time, I’m a single pringle on Valentine’s Day and trust me, it’s no mistake (so put the violins away please and suck that tear back up into your face). It’s okay, because I’ve made SURE that I’m on my own, I’m just at a time in my life where I am completely comfortable with ME and I just WANT to spend Valentines with myself.

Not saying that’s forever and I’m going to start buying a cat every year until eventually my house becomes one giant litter box. NO. But for now...

I’ll admit, in years gone past I may have leant on someone else to make me happy, boyfriends who could pick up the pieces when I didn’t have the strength to do it myself. I had this dirty old habit of making myself feel small and flawed and unworthy...

But today, BOY it’s different f*cking story.

After years of learning self-love, self-taught (and yes, it’s tough) I am HERE. Things like my itty bitty’s, they used to be my biggest weakness; but now, they are my biggest source of empowerment. I would trade nothing for them, they are my statement piece and I adore every inch (or centimetre I suppose, they’re that bloody small!)

I just cannot describe to you how good this feels, and although a lot of it has come through working on myself for many years; running @small.boobs.are.badass has also done me wonders. Speaking and sharing such incredible and inspirational stories from insanely stunning women (inside and out)... it’s been an absolute pleasure.

So, this Valentine’s Day I want every woman who reads this to feel how I feel. To love themselves first, forget what this day traditionally means and make YOURSELF your own Valentine’s date. If you’re a lone wolf like me this year, it’s time to dust off the judgment and feel f**king amazing about it.

Because society pressures us into thinking ‘you need a partner’, ‘you need to find love’, that’s the point of life right? Everyone else is doing it? But, what’s to say that love can’t come from ourselves?

You can be on your own, and you can be in love. It’s the 21st century people and I hate to be a cliché but honestly: ‘You don’t need no man’ to be happy.

And when you’re ready to find that love from someone else, it needs to an extension of how you already feel about YOU. It can’t be a crutch that you prop yourself up with to get by. No no, trust me, that sh*t needs to come from within...

...this line from that song says it all:

‘Ain’t love nobody. If I don’t love myself’

And, it’s TRUE.

You must be okay with YOU, your own company, your own body, your own mind before you even think about adding anyone else to your life. You have no idea the difference it will make to how you feel.

So we’re starting right here ladies.
This Valentine’s Day.

If you already have a partner, you’re happy, you look at yourself in the mirror and you can’t help but smile. Then you my friend, are winning at life.

If you are single and reciting imaginary Valentine’s cards to yourself, giving yourself a little wink and thinking: ‘You are amazing girl, go get em’’. Then you are also winning at life.

If you are none of the above, if you’re feeling down, lonely, unloved, upset, for whatever reason. You LISTEN to that song and you have a dance in your bedroom RIIIIIIIgHT now.

You sing these words at the top of your voice (no matter how terrible):

‘I don’t need love to have a good time Nobody to make me feel alright
Only need, only need me
Only need, only need me to have a good time I only need me, myself, and I’

Because YOU are all that YOU need today.

Besides, I know at least one other person who’s by themselves today. So, if you need Valentines date then you know where to find me.

Lots of love and all that stuff.


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"BEST birthday present EVER!!! I've wanted a boob job since I was 16 years old. Today I am 34 years old, and feeling beyond comfortable in my own skin lately. Thanks for your page and all the raging bad ass little tittied ladies that enlightened my life!"

- Dawn  D. , Perfezione customer

"LOVE IT! Wish this came in every color imaginable. Fits like a glove and I feel so sexy in it. Will be taking on my honeymoon. I am a 34B and I ordered a medium size, it fits perfectly!"

- Letta  P. , Perfezione customer

I ABSOLUTELY love this bralette set! The lace fabric is so soft on my skin. I can’t stand when undergarments itch. I have the set in white and blue and will be ordering the black real soon. It’s a great set! The bralette looks so sexy on my itty bitty’s. The fit is perfect! Love, love, love the Beautiful Demais!!!

- Brenda L., Perfezione customer


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