"Perspective definitely determines how you feel and how you value yourself"

When Sarah decided she just wanted to be happy, that’s when her self-love journey began.

Simple decisions as following accounts that celebrate bodies no matter what they look like helped her changed her mindset and the way she looked at her ittybittys.

Today, Sarah is i confident woman who learned to accept and love the body she got. Watch the interview below or just continue reading to get inspired by her story!

Video Highlights:

00:47 “I think there's something about small boobs that is chic, sexy…”
02:33 “At one point I was considering breast enlargement”
03:28 “No one likes it when other people talk about their bodies”
06:22 The best things about small boobs
07:31 Confidence tip: Representation.


Sarah glowing confidence rocking her ittybittys in a bikini 


Hi, everyone! I'm Sarah. I'm 22 years old and I live in North Carolina, USA. I'm in school for public health and photography right now and I also do modeling on the side. I am so excited for this interview with Perfezione. I've been following their page since they launched and I think they have such a great mission, to bring empowerment to girls in the itty bitty titty committee.

I know growing up with small boobs, my journey with body positivity hasn't always been the easiest. And I'm sure for you with small boobs out there, it hasn't either. But hopefully by the end of this video, you can walk away feeling more confident and comfortable than before. So let's get started.


Sarah @sarah__boudreau

Perfezione: What do you think about small boobs? 
I love small boobs. I know we see a lot of bigger boobs in the media but I think there's something about small boobs that is chic, sexy, and effortless when compared to the round perky ones we see all the time. And I also think that I have a lot of benefits with a small chest, especially when compared to some of my friends that might have larger chests.

There's the obvious ones like being able to run up the stairs and do exercise without a sports bra, or like a special bra and being able to like sleep on your chest and things like that.

But I also feel like I have a lot of health benefits as well, like having smaller boobs means that I have easier cancer detection, and I have less back pain or no back pain at all. And I also have better posture because I don't have as much weight in the front of my chest.

And then lastly, I feel like society has kind of a double standard because we like worship large boobs in the media, but at the same time, the double standard is that I feel like people with large boobs are very sexualized and even dressing in a way that isn't meant to be hyper sexual.

They're taken to be hyper sexual. And like when I talk to someone, they can look me in the eyes. Whereas, if one of my friends would have conversation with certain people, they will be looking at their chest the whole time. And I hate that society is like this, but I feel like I do reap a benefit when it comes to that as well. But overall, I guess you could say, I do very much enjoy small boobs and having small boobs too.

Sarah wearing confidence

Perfezione: Have you ever considered breast enlargement surgery?

At one point I was considering breast enlargement, but thankfully that didn't last very long. And I grew out of that mindset, because I grew into feeling more comfortable and confident about myself. Besides, with breast enlargement, I don't really see any health benefits besides looking a different way or a certain way.

Plus, when I was doing my research, I felt like there were a lot more cons than there were pros. For example, I scar really easily, even from mosquito bites.

So I can't imagine how long it would take to heal a scar from a breast procedure like that. And I know it takes a while for them to settle. So I don't know if I would really feel comfortable going through the procedure where I didn't know what the final results would be like until quite a while after the procedure.  

Perfezione: How do you deal with a person commenting or making fun of your small boobs?

Okay, so let's be real. No one likes it when other people talk about their bodies. Now, thankfully, I don't hang out with people who talk about my body. And if I did, I would check them and say, “Hey, this is not your body. You don't have the right to judge or comment on my body.”

But when, like on the off chance that someone does, it's usually like a neighbor or family member, and usually talking about my weight or my figure and it's usually meant as a compliment. And when that does happen, I either change the subject or ignore it. But I do remember one time when someone did talk about my breasts.

And, it's actually the only time I remember because it kind of stuck with me, but it was this guy who I was seeing, and I wasn't even with him for very long, and I'm glad I wasn't. But he said, “Hey, it'd be great if your boobs were a little bigger.”  And at that time, I guess I was really insecure with myself but didn't realize that I was. And I didn't feel like I took it to heart.


Rocking what she's got

But I remember later, I was scrolling through Instagram, and a picture of his girlfriend popped up on my feed. And it was a picture of her at the beach wearing a bikini and I remember, like looking at her picture, and I mean, she doesn't have huge boobs, but she has more boobs than me. And I remember looking at the picture, and I just cried because I felt like somehow because I look this way and she looks that way that I was less desirable or not good enough. And, it just crushed me. And, I feel like that kind of thing happens to a lot of people.

And, I mean, it shouldn't but it does. And at that time, I was also following a lot of accounts that weren't really the best for my self-esteem. But I don't really know what happened. But I guess just over time, I decided that I want to be happier. So I stopped following those accounts as much and started following ones that celebrate bodies no matter what they look like, and celebrate small breasts as well, just like Perfezione, but I'm really happy that I was able to outgrow the mindset that my worth is attached to the way I look.

And again, I hope that other people can as well. But that situation really made me realize that your attitude is greatly impacted by the people in media and things that you surround yourself with because once I stopped following those negative accounts and started surrounding myself with information in media that celebrated me, I started feeling a whole lot better. But it is perspective definitely that determines how you feel and how you value yourself. 


Beautiful Sarah insideout

Perfezione: What are your favorite styling tips to fit & flatter small boobs?

One of the best things about small boobs is that they are very versatile. And my biggest tip would be to take advantage of styles that look best on small boobs, ones that people with bigger breasts might not be able to pull off as well. So take advantage of wearing bralettes as shirts or backless tops or high neck tops like this one, I usually just replace this with this, but it's high neck and it has back detailing but like I can get away with not wearing a bra with this and it's actually one of my favorites.

But when you wear clothes, you know make you look good, you will feel more confident and I feel like a lot celebrities do that too. I look to celebrities for style advice, especially ones that have a body shape and body type like mine. Because I think the key to confidence when dressing is to dress for your body type and know how to dress for your body type, not just pick out these clothes that look nice, but when you know you're wearing clothes that look good, you'll feel it, guaranteed.  

Perfezione: What helps you feel confident in your own skin?

The best thing that helps me feel confident in my own skin would have to be representation. And that means representation in media, in movies, in books, on magazine covers, everywhere. Because if you don't see yourself reflected within society, it can take a toll on your mental health and your self-esteem. You might feel like, hey, I'm weird or abnormal or undesirable or unwanted or like they're not proud to showcase people who look like me. And that can be very damaging for some people, especially if their self-esteem is already pretty low. But once you start surrounding yourself with these things, you'll start to gain more confidence. And it might not feel that way. But trust me, you'll feel it.

And not only that, but surrounding yourself with people who love you just the way you are, who don't feel like you have to change yourself, or look a certain way or be a certain way can really help as well. But acceptance and representation I think are the things that help me feel most confident in my skin. And, I feel like we're starting to move toward a more diverse representation of groups in the media, but we still have a long way to go, obviously. But hopefully that happens in the near future. There's a revolution of sorts that's happening now, especially with like the body positivity movement. And I really hope it keeps growing and growing till we include everyone, no matter their ability, shape, size, color, or anything else.

But when that happens, I feel like it'll be very beneficial for a lot of people and they'll finally be able to feel like they're part of something and belong. Anyway, that was the last question. Thanks again so much for watching. I hope this was helpful to some of you out there who needed this. And thank you so much to Perfezione for setting this interview. It was a pleasure. 

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