Megan’s Story: Small Boobs are Brilliant

by Valentina Rivera

“Small boobs are brilliant.
It’s just the case of changing how you see them”

From seeing small boobs as her biggest insecurity to inspiring thousands of women in the IBTC, Megan is one of us. She used to feel very insecure of her small titties until day she changed her perspective.

Now, if she had the opportunity to change one thing in her life it will be the way she perceived her body when she was younger. And recover all the time she wasted worrying about it.  

Learn more about Megan's story, how she learnt to see small boobs as sexy and beautiful, and how she finally love her body as it is.  Watch the interview below or just continue reading to get inspired!  

Video Highlights:

0:30 “I think they are brilliant”
5:34 “I always liked standing out for having no boobs”
8:34 Itty Bittys & being intimate
11:29 “It’s really common for girls with small boobs to feel that way” 


Megan proving small boobs are badass


(Right. This is just leaning up against my plant pot. So, if it falls down. Just pretend like nothing happened)

My name is Megan and I'm in the UK. And I'm 26, I think, I always forget my age, which is bad because I am not even that old. And I have the page or run the page "Small Boobs are badass". 

Perfezione: What do you think about small boobs?

Megan: I just think they are brilliant. I mean, I'm very small, I'll show you. Sorry, this top is like blinding, is like looking directly into the sun. So, that's kind of side view. And as you can see, this... I mean… I'm just gonna... You know, I'm just gonna show you.

So, this is my size. So, I've got like, you know, a little bit and a lot of it is pecks anyway. So, I do weight training stuff. So, if I turn like this, it's the mostly muscles rather than boobs, so I think they are brilliant. And you know, I didn't always think that. I think every girl who has boobs like this, they always go through, you know, your younger years were... it becomes an insecurity because I think, it's almost ingrained in your head.

Especially when you are young, you know, higher grades you get or the faster you run, or you know, the more you do something or more points you get, the better. So, when you are going through puberty, and you are developing all these boobs or lack of boobs for us.


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It's almost like ingrained in your head that “the bigger the boob, the better you've developed”. It's like a weird subconscious competition that you have. And it's not until when you are older, you realize that it's actually okay to just develop the little kind and be small. I think even sex education, they should show different sizes of breasts, boobs or whatever they are calling it.

And just show women, you know, it doesn’t have to be that shape that it is in the diagram. It can be this or it can be this. I think that’s really important. Because It wasn’t until my early 20’s, that I didn’t realize that they were great.

You know, I can sleep on my front. I can do whatever I want, as in lie down on my tummy. I can do my gym. And I can do skipping and jump and lie on things and stuff and it doesn’t get in the way. You know, move when I’m doing burpees and things like that which is a godsend. Because I have seen some of my friends struggle in the gym literally. Like some of my friends are, they have big bazoomas, and they really struggle in the gym.

So I just look at them “Thank god. I mean, you look fantastic. But thank god, I’m small”. 
I just wish I could have spoken to myself when I was younger, and just say, “Stop worrying about it because you are worrying about something that doesn’t… It’s actually going to be something you will love later on. Just stop wasting time doing that”. So if anyone takes anything from the video, it’s “small boobs are brilliant. It’s just the case of changing how you see them”. It does or did.

I think when you are younger, again, adverts are very influential on you and movies and celebrities and music videos and stuff like that. And I think it was quite hard to see someone in those environments that looked like me. So I was kind of looking at that, being like, “Oh my god, I don’t have boobs that she is shaking. Or I don’t have, I can’t wear a dress that shows cleavage”. So I can’t even say that word “ Cleavage - Cleavage” or anything like that. Am the abnormal? Am I ….did I not grow up? I don’t know. So it does influence you.

I think it is changing. I think society is showing more, you know, women with smaller tattas in magazines and on clothing ranges and stuff like that. I think it is changing. The other thing that kind of stopped me from getting influenced by society was almost having like… You always have this filter that you get at some stage in your life when you find that confidence. And it filters out all the crap that has been beamed on you by all these brands. And it goes through it and it goes “Oh, hang on. I don’t need to look like that” Or… You know, remind yourself you do look fine. They are trying to tell you that you need these products to look amazing. But, no, no … you look good.

Basically, just you need to have the filter that filters out all the crap and reminds you that you look good. 

Because itty bittys are your superpower

Perfezione: What do you love the most about having small boobs?

Megan: The thing I love the most about having small boobs is once you like accept the size, or acknowledge that you are that size. So, for example, when I was younger, I used to wear like the most padded bras you can imagine. I am talking like padding and gel, you remember those gels once we used to have, and god knows what else is in there to just….to make it look like a bazooma.

And I think that actually damaged my self-confidence quite a bit. Cause you know, if you are adding that size and you look yourself in the mirror, It’s almost like, you know, subconsciously you know “I am not actually that size but I’m pretending I’m that size”. It’s like bringing the message that it’s not okay to be small.

So what changed was... like a lifesaver for me was… A couple of years ago, I just got rid of all those bras. I got rid of the padding... I got rid of the cups... I got rid of everything just like… fuck it get out the life. I just went outside and it was like, “This is me. I’m itty bitty, you know, there is not much there. But that’s me and I’m just gonna live my life with it”. And they gave me so much confidence.

After that, just because … in your head you are lying to yourself anymore. You are actually being confident. Even if you don’t feel confident at the time, you have given yourself that message that you are not faking anything. You are just being you. And it gives you like really…what is the word? Like liberating feeling. And after that, I actually liked looking small like ‘smaller the better’.

Sometimes like, I like wearing buttoned-up shirts, just braless or tiny fabric bras or something. And it has almost become my fashion statement like amongst my friends, who are, you know have bigger boobs. I always liked standing out for having no boobs or smaller boobs. And it’s just given my, like, it's like my, I call it my superpower used to be my security. But now it’s my empowering thing. I, you know, I am wearing them with pride.

Hopefully, the other women that see me out, you know, confident and happy with that size can be like, “oh gosh, like I am small and I can be like that. Or it’s okay. You know, I think she looks great because she is confident. And I can do that too”. So I think that’s the thing I love the most about having little itty bittys.  

Perfezione: Have you ever felt insecure when being intimate?

Megan: Yes, I used to. Definitely. You know, I think even if you don’t.. At the beginning of your kind of sexual life, you feel kind of insecure in general because it’s the first time you are doing it and things like that.

So before that first experience that I had, I guess you go through the whole puberty stage, and you are already in your head being like, “Uhhh, like small boobs are weird, like I am not seeing them anywhere and you know, what have I done… Why me.. blah blah...”. So you almost make it like an issue in your head before you even met someone or got romantic with someone. So it’s already like playing on your mind.

So I think when I first started doubling in the whole sexual thing, I was really subconscious and I thought it was gonna be the first thing he thought of or he is gonna see me without bra and be like, “oh my god, where are they?” Like but it actually never happened. Never luckily. You know some women do have guys say it as in mention you know “You have small boobs”. And fuck them. It’s not their place to say it. 


Is simple: Small boobs are brilliant

They are yours. It’s your body. So they shouldn’t be saying that anyway. But I am lucky to never had that kind of feedback I guess. No one has ever brought up. So it’s kind of like I just made that issue in my head.

And once I gained more confidence with them, it was not an issue anymore. And the older you get, the more experiences you have, you realize that they are such a small part of the relationship, you know, he is not gonna be just focusing on your chest. He is gonna be kissing you or doing other things that we aren’t going to… because my mom follows this page. Mom I am sorry. They are not gonna be concentrating on your boobs. They are gonna be enjoying like... the experience more. It’s not big, you know, a problem.

Plus there is so much more. Like you know, you have breasts.Every woman has breasts. You know, no matter what size they are or shape they are, but you are, you know, this area, this tiny fist area or palm, how small they are and you have got all of this to offer still. So you know, we worry so much about that.
Really we should be worrying … not at all about this. Yeah, used to. Not now.


Embracing small boobs in her GREY EVERYDAY Bralette

Perfezione: What would you say to someone who doesn’t have confidence?

Megan: Oh god, like, first of all, I’d say I know how you feel. Like I have been there. Don’t feel like it’s just you and you know, it’s quite common, it’s really common for girls with small boobs to feel that way because society is kind of built-in this way where you are presented with this image of beauty. And you know, you are kind of influenced to think ‘Guys like that and you should look like that. If you don’t look like this, you need to buy that product and blah, blah..’ And it’s not true. It takes a while to kind of realize that. So it’s fine how you are feeling. You are allowed to feel, you know, insecure because everyone has.

Also, I would say that, “It’s gonna pass. It’s not forever. It’s not a feeling that you will have forever as long as you kind of work towards seeing yourself like I would see you or your friends would see you or your boyfriend would see you or your mom would see you. It’s just changing that perception in your mind. You don’t need to change your body at all”.

As like, when I was younger, I was like “Oh, I am AA. I need to be a D. I need to be an E. I need to be an F or whatever”. But now, you know, I haven't changed my body, it's the same.. I am actually probably smaller than I used to be. But I just see them completely different. It’s like an epiphany. It’s like I have gone on a vision quest and I just got these weird different eyeballs, and I am just not seeing them in a bad way at all now.

So I think it’s a case of working on yourself. And not being so hard on yourself. Even this page or even the page I run “Small boobs are badass”, even talking to the girls there and hoping them through the struggles or bad days, it really helps like it even helped me. Like just knowing you are not alone and you know you can draw other people’s experiences and things like that. So hopefully, that helps. Anyways, sorry that’s a bit of a speech. 

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