Carolina’s Story: Small Boobs Confidence

by Valentina Rivera

"Just try to 'unlearn' any beauty standard that media or society has taught you"

Coming from a Latin culture in Peru, Carolina never felt like she fitted into the Latin beauty mould. Bombarded by TV shows and movies which only showed voluptuous bodies, she quickly realised that her lack at the top was something that made her feel very self conscious.

After attempting to get breast implants and some boyfriends "advises" to go under the knife, she finally discovered a way to feel sexy and confident in her own skin.  Want to know how she made this possible?  Watch the interview with Carolina below  or continue reading. 

Video Highlights:

0:22 What do you think about small boobs?
1:42 “I think everyone is not completely confident about their bodies”
3:20 Small boobs perk: Going braless
4:00 Intimacy & Small boobs
5:10 “There were 3 things that helped me have confidence with my small boobs” 


Carolina flaunting her petite chest


Hey! I am Carolina, I am 27 years old, I am from Peru and I have really really tiny Little tits. I can actually show you! Yep, that’s me


Carolina rocking Small Boobs in her Badass Set 

Perfezione: What do you think about small boobs?

Carolina: I remember I started to develop my boobs around 12 years old and I got really disappointed when they stopped growing. I was like “What’s happening in here?”.

All my friends and family were always kinda making jokes about my boobs, saying things like “Mosquito bites” or “Iron Board”, and I got really insecure. And on top of that I also come from a culture, a Latin culture, in Peru, Colombia, Venezuela; all these countries where women are seen as “curvy”.

You expect Latina girls to have big breasts, small tiny waist and big ass. So I was always feeling “less” or feeling like I was not enough because I was not a “real” Latina although right now I feel very much confident about my boobs.

Perfezione: Does society influence the way you perceive your body?

Carolina: Yeah, definitely! I mean, I think everyone is not completely confident about their bodies, right? And I have days were I feel like shit, I feel like… I wish I could just change everything about myself and every part of my body. Looking at social media and seeing pretty girls is like “OMG what if change this… what if I look like that?”.

Being surrounded by women with bigger breasts, like my mom and my sister and all of my friends, that to me is how a woman looks like, you know? If everyone around me looks a certain way and im not like that, then maybe there is something wrong about me, there is something wrong about my body and I have to fix it.

And I always wanted to have surgery and just be confident about it and just be normal, be like the other women around me and feel like “Okay I am feminine, I don’t need to be ashamed, I don’t need to wear all these push-up bras or just like bras in general”.

The only reason I wear, used to wear bras was because of making my breasts look bigger. Right now, I don’t wear any and I don’t wear basically bras. The only thing I wear is bralettes and nipple covers are my life. I don’t wear bras… I don’t think I need them and I don’t like them.

Sparkling love & happiness 

Perfezione: What do you love the most about having small boobs?

Carolina: Basically, my number one is going braless. There was this one time when I got my period, it was really really “strong” and my boobs started growing; just for 3 or 4 days. I just couldn’t workout and I couldn’t jump or couldn’t even walk down the stairs because they were so in pain.

They were heavy and they were just so sensitive and I was thinking like “OMG, how people do when they have bigger boobs? Are they always in pain?” You know?

I felt so blessed to have small boobs. Now I feel they are such a good thing to have  

Perfezione: Have you ever felt insecure when being intimate?

Carolina: Yes, a lot of times, I think all the time. For 24 years of my life, I am 27 right now, I would never take off my bra when I was having sex with a guy or even with my boyfriend because I just felt so ashamed.

I didn’t want them to have “disappointment” you know? Because usually I was wearing a bra and a big pushup bra so they were expecting them to be “real” and when you go intimate and they take off the bra they can see that you are actually flat and that to me was really embarrassing.

I’m gonna actually show you the bra that I always used to wear so you can see what I mean with “pushup”.
I used to wear this kind of bras.

You can see the level of padding so my boobs would look like this. I mean, they still look small but they just don’t look flat.


Carolina proving loving your small boobs is something real and liberating


Small boobs haven't feel this sexy before

Perfezione: What would you say to someone who doesn’t have confidence?

Carolina: I think there were 3 things that helped me have confidence with my small boobs.
The first one was that I met a guy who is now my boyfriend, who actually gave my small boobs “attention” and he was the first one to give me “permission” to feel good about myself and about my body.

When I told him that I was thinking about putting implants, he told me: “I don’t think you need them”, and I was like “Yeah, sure, whatever”. And with the days, he kept telling me “You don’t need to change your body, you don’t need to change your boobs. I think they look okay with you. They look fine”.

And that was the first time that someone actually told me there is nothing wrong with small boobs, like before that, everyone around me, my mom, my sister, everyone would just make fun of my flat chest. 

I have no girlfriend with small boobs who would not want bigger boobs. Even some of them they already have breast implants. So, there was no space in my head that someone could actually like small boobs.

And when I had this “permission”, my second advice would be: I went online and I started reading and watching a lot of videos about other girls who were proud of themselves, about their boobs and they just look amazing like that. And that to me was mind-blowing. Just try to “unlearn” any beauty standard that media or society has taught you. Follow accounts and people that inspire you to love yourself and to love your body. That really helped me to grow confidence about my chest. 

And the third point: Try to talk to yourself like you’re talking to your best girlfriend. I always have days were I feel like shit. I feel like I am not enough or smart enough. Those days instead of talking bad to myself and just being really hard on me, I always try to put myself in the situation of “Okay, what would I say to my girlfriend if she is feeling that way”, and I would be so kind with her, I would try to cheer her up, I would try to be nice and just lift her up and say like: “Hey dude, you have so many gifts, you are so beautiful, you have this and that, and you can do this and you’ve done that, I just admire you for all these things”.

And so I try to do that. When I’m feeling down, I try to talk to myself like if I am my best girlfriend and I think that’s the best advice I have for you. Seek no approval. 

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