“Know your worth and don't let it depend on other people, their opinion. You are beautiful and you are art”

From being afraid of looking masculine and receiving all sort of comments about her body by strangers, Sandrina grew confidence till the point that she's now  grateful for the body she is in - including her boobs -.

She decided to teach her daughters to love their body wholeheartedly by giving them the example to appreciate their natural body and ditched any idea of going through the knife to get a bigger size.

Having this gratitude allowed Sandrina to find her true confidence, love and embrace her itty-bittys. Learn more about her inspiring story, click the play button below to watch her interview or continue reading below.

Video Highlights:

00:21 “What I think about small boobs now, is that they are very elegant and classy”
01:02 “I have considered doing a breast enlargement”
01:43 “I have been made fun of a lot of times, also by strangers”
02:54 Styling tips for small boobs
04:02 Her secret for feeling confident  


Sandrina slaying a Deep-V  bathing suit


Hi guys! I am Sandrina. I am 29 years old from Suriname in South America. I am 6 foot 3, and I am a cup A. So I’m from the itty-bitty-titty committe 


Sandrina wearing confidence

Perfezione: What do you think about small boobs?

Sandrina: What I think about small boobs now, is that they are very elegant and classy. I like that they are always so... a little bit like art.

They always fall in place. And they are so good for sports so I can jump and roll and run, whenever I want to. So they come in very handy.

I used to not like them because I thought they were a bit masculine and people thought that I was a boy because I'm very tall. But now I'm very grateful. Especially that they are healthy. Yeah.  

Perfezione: Have you ever considered breast enlargement surgery?

Sandrina: I have considered doing a breast enlargement because I wanted to be more sexy and feminine, as I said, but I am very thankful that I didn't because I didn't have the money that's for one. And I was also finding it odd. I want to be able to teach my daughters to love their body wholeheartedly.

And I didn't have a feeling that if I change my body, because I didn't love it, that I could teach them from my heart that they should love theirs. So I'm very happy with my choice that I didn't do it and that I stuck to my itty-bitties. 

Embracing life with a smile 

Perfezione: How do you deal with a person making fun of your boobs?

Sandrina: I have been made fun of a lot of times, also by strangers. Or when I talk to boys when I was a teenager, they just looked down on my breasts and I could see the disappointment, like whoa. I was very ashamed.

Also, if I had like a boyfriend, I always wear bras so they didn't see that I had like very small boobs. But I would say encourage yourself. Don't let your world depend on other people's opinion about you. Because God made you in such a beautiful way and your boobs fit your body 100% because they're yours and your body is yours so they're meant to be together.

So that's what I would recommend. Know your worth and don't let it depend on other people, their opinion. You are beautiful and you are art.  

Perfezione: What are your fave styling tips to fit & flatter small boobs?

Sandrina: My favorite styling is off the shoulder. I really like the off-shoulder shirts. Because they are very elegant and they give me a salsa feeling. I like that salsa feeling. And also for bikinis. I really like them.

I also like the halter tops, because they give me an extra tall feeling, tall vibe. And I also like these stuffs because they are sporty yet cute. And you can wear it with a jacket. You can style it with a tee shirt that’s like hanging off the shoulder.

So I would say that almost everything fits small boobs because they are never in the way so you can put on anything. And you don't have to hide it either because it's beautiful. You don't have to put it all out there. But I mean, you don't have to hide it.

You don’t have to wear big shirts because you don't want people to see them. You can wear your stretchy shirts and your body fit shirts, because they're awesome.  


Rocking an off-shoulder top


Strong, fierce & beautiful

Perfezione: What helps you feel confident in your own skin?

Sandrina: What helps me feel confident in my own skin was realizing that I am so healthy. I used to have a problem with being tall and skinny that I did anything to like gain some weight, because I wanted a bigger booty.

And I knew that my boobs were going to get bigger naturally. So I thought, okay, I'm going to focus on the booty. I like to have big hips that is like very normal in my country. Women always have like a bigger hips and stuff.

But I just came to realize like last month or something, that I need to be grateful that I am just healthy. I never had a problem with my weight. I never had a problem with like cholesterol or anything. And I don't have to do a lot of exercise to be in shape. So that's where I realized like start looking at yourself in gratitude.

That's where I gained like the real confidence from except for telling myself like, I am beautiful the way I am and God made me this way. I look good in clothes. Except for that, I just realized that I am healthy and that is such a relief, like that is the most important thing in life.

Because you can have money, you can have the looks, you can have anything, but if you don't have health, you can’t enjoy it either.

So, that is where I found my true confidence. I am healthy. My body is healthy. My boobs are healthy, and I am just grateful for that. And that's all that matters.

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