Anne's Story: Why small boobs are great.

by Valentina Rivera

"If he is saying 'Oh, your boobs are too small' then he is definitely not worth being with"

From self-conscious to confident, Anne has learned to love her small boobs and no longer worries about the concerns that seemed so important to her in her teens and college years.

At 25, other people's comments about her image to do not stress her out anymore. Instead, she embraces the natural and gorgeous flat chest that makes her look like the badass beauty she is.

What do you think? Do Anne's small breasts make her look beautiful and confident? Tell us in the comments after you watch this video.

Video Highlights:

0:10  Buying her first bra.
0:28  "I realised my boobs weren't going to change"
0:40  "My younger sister all the sudden got Ds"
0:48  She tried everything to make them bigger.
1:03  The day she accepted them [In front of everyone]
1:37  Why she appreciates having small boobs.
3:09  Small boobs and boys relationship.
3:37  New York's impact on her confidence.
3:45 "No one can make you perfect, only you can"


Anne rocking a deep-V bathing suit in Koh Lanta , Thailand.


Hi my name's Anneliese, I'm from Boston Massachusetts and I'm currently living in Bangkok Thailand -Sawadee kaa ✌🏻


Anne being her natural self in her Everyday bralette by Perfezione.

Anne: My journey of small boobs started when I was about 12 years old.

I remember picking out my first training bra with my mom - Of course, the smallest one possible - Trying to fit my itty bitty titties. And... I remember that at one point, I think it was about like 16 and was still wearing the same training bra as I was when I was 12. So that kind of come into perspective when my 12 year old sister all of a sudden got “Ds” and I just didn't grow. And I am an "A" (Anne says between laughs)

Perfezione: When did you find confidence in your small boobs?

Anne: Oh well… For the longest time I actually didn't like my small boobs. I really tried doing, you know, the Victoria's Secret push-up bra or like, I actually bought those like clear stuffers to put in my bra to make them push-up, which obviously you can tell it's just fake.

At one point, I remember all of my friends and I were kind of - not compare but - talking about boobs and I remember just being there like ”You know what, I'm actually happy with them”. I knew they weren't going to change… My mom had small boobs, my dad German’s side had the big boobs ( that's where my sister came in) and I just knew that they weren't going to grow and at some point, I just needed to accept them.

And, at the end of the day, smaller boobs look better in "A" and tight dresses so… That's kind of where it came to play too (wingk face)

Sam, Anne's younger sister and her.

Perfezione: What do you love the most about having small boobs?

Anne: So… my sister is three years younger than me and she has HUGE boobs. She took all the boobs away from me…

And, I was on a trip with her this past summer and we were hiking through the woods and I remember just looking over at her and there was like - the boobs sweat line underneath - And to be honest, It really gave me a new perspective like “Wow ,that is a LOT that she has to handle” She also wears two sports bras when she has to workout, and seeing all that really got me thinking , “Well it's one less thing I have to worry about during the day”

Perfezione: What would you say to someone who doesn’t have confidence with her small chest yet?

Anne: Honestly, own it.

At the end of the day, whoever is above us gave us what we’ve got…. You're envious of their bigger boobs and they are envious of your smaller boobs. So just own what you have. 

Also, find a great shirt that you look good in and definitely a crop top! Small boobs with crop tops, tube dresses or like the dresses that go here (pointing to her waist) and down straight, they're perfect! They accentuate obviously your hips instead. And just anything tight and form-fitting.

I keep saying my younger sister, but she's big in comparison. She,  you know, has to wear those flower tops and kind of "hide" her boobs versus your small boobs it's nice because you can accentuate the other parts of your body. And yeah, wear tighter clothing I guess.(laughing) 


Anne wearing confidence.


Fearless to show off her beautiful petite chest.

Perfezione: Have you ever felt insecure about your boobs when being intimate?

Anne replies: “ Like, what will he say?”
Both: Yeah… (laughs)

Anne: Hmm, no… I actually never felt that. I would say that if someone really says something like “ You need to lose weight” or “Your boobs are too small” or you know, “You should workout more” Honestly, that's just someone you don't want to be with anyway. And so, if you're being intimate with a guy and he is saying “Oh, your boobs are too small” or he is making you feel less than what you're worth, then he is definitely not worth being with.

Perfezione: What helped you find self-confidence?

Anne: Coming from the states, where it seems every area has a different persona of what's beautiful. I actually went to College in New York, where they really love small boobs. You know, the modeling scene is big, the going out clubbing scene is big, so it actually was valued having smaller boobs. A lot of people weren't trying to have big boobs.

But in reality, I've said it before "You have just got to own who you are, no one can make you perfect at the end of the day, only you can.”

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