"Small Boobs are really powerful because they help me love my body the way it is"

To feel feminine, sexy and beautiful, Valentina thought she needed to have the “Latina” body  - curves and big breasts - Because of this, she considered her small boobs as her worst enemies.

But realising that beauty has nothing to do with her appearance but more with her confidence, Valentina decided to accept & embrace her small titties.

Now, Val empower other women by helping them realise that being flatchested is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is something to be proud and thankful for! Watch the interview below or just continue reading to get inspired by her story!

Video Highlights:

00:36 "I used to consider my small boobs as my worst enemy"
1:23  Small boobs & Breast enlargement surgery
03:43 "Hear yourself more and just become your priority" 
04:43 "For so many years, I used to have those padded bras"  
05:42 "Being confident is a process that takes time" 


Fave small boobs perks? Bralettes! 


Hi everyone! My name is Valentina. I'm from Colombia. I'm 21 years old, and I'm proud to say that I have small boobs and that I love them. And as a way to show to the world that small boobs are also beautiful and sexy, I decided to create the account “the confident body”. It’s a place where I share like that message about small boob love and acceptance. So thank you so much Perfezione for this opportunity, for this interview and hope you like my story.


Valentina feeling proud of her itty bittys in the  Penelope Bra

Perfezione: What do you think about small boobs?

Well, I used to consider my small boobs as my worst enemy because with them, I just felt I didn't feel like feminine enough and sexy enough. And like I wasn't like a real woman because of them. And actually all my body insecurities started with them. Well, and also especially because I come from a Latin culture that there is like this stereotype like Latin women are like curvy that have big breasts and like tiny waists.

And well, I just saw myself in the mirror and I wasn't like that. So my first thought was, well, if I'm not like that, then maybe there is something wrong with me that I'm not beautiful.

And that maybe I needed to change my body to fit in that. So it was like just hurtful, like a long time. I just feel bad about myself. And I just got tired of thinking in that way.

So  I had the opportunity to meet like amazing women all around the world that actually had the same insecurities as me. So I feel identified with them. And with them, I realized that small boobs are actually a gift that they are beautiful, because it's part of your body. They are part of who you are.

So what do I think about small boobs? That they are really powerful because they help me to realize that I had to change my mindset about how I look at myself and they helped me also like to love my body the way it is.

Perfezione: Have you ever considered breast enlargement surgery?

Yes, actually, when I was 15 years old, I got an appointment in the plastic surgeon. I don't know how to say that word. Sorry. I went there. The doctor she told me like, how was going to be like the process of the surgery and also she told me like the consequences in a short and long term. And I got really scared. I couldn't imagine myself doing that. And I realized that I didn't want to put in risk my health because of that. So yes. 

Small boobs: Nothing to be ashamed of
(Val wearing the Beautiful Demais bra)

So going there, it was actually something good because it made me realize that I'm fine like the way I am. And it was actually funny because when I was there like the doctor, she just showed me her boobs.

And actually she was flat chested, like she had these small boobs as me. And she told me, well, I'm doing this because I want you to understand that if you want to make the surgery, there is nothing wrong with that. Like if it's for you, it is a way to feel better about yourself then do it.

But you must understand that having small boobs is not a problem. So I think you just need a little bit of time like to think about this decision and decide what's better for you and for your body.

So yes, it was like an awkward and funny experience but it really helped me to be who I am right now too and like to take the good decisions for me

Perfezione: How to deal with a person making fun of your small boobs?

I think that the best way is just ignore them. Because reality is that you will always find like people that is not going to agree with what you say or what you think and that they are not going to like the way you look or your body appearance.

So I think like, why to spend like our energy and our time, and our mental health in someone that is not bringing something positive to your life. I think most of the time we care too much about what the other people might think about us, about our body. And we never we never listen to ourselves.

So I think it’s time to stop that to realize that we don't need to give them the power, ourselves and that we have the decisions to be happy too. And just hear yourself more and just become your priority.


Admiring  the tattas she's got!

Perfezione: What are your favorite styling tips to fit and flatter small boobs?

Well, for me, my favorite styling tip will be like bralettes. I just love them. For so many years, I used to have those padded bras like push up bras. And I just feel like I wasn't real like somehow I was lying to myself. And actually it hurt like also my self-esteem, but everything changed with my bralettes. With them, I really feel now like finally I feel like feminine and sexy and beautiful like all at the same time. And I feel like they understand my body type, like I don't need to put something so big like now I just feel like myself and I feel free. With them, I realized that these small boobs are really beautiful and that can be sexy too. And I love them because now with them I appreciate my body more.


Vale flatchested & fabulous

Perfezione: What helps you feel confident in your own skin?

So first of all, I would like to say that being confident is a process that takes time. And I say that because for example some days I feel really good about myself, about my body, I feel powerful, but there are other things that I really feel like really bad. But actually, that's natural, like that's the process. So be calm, be kind to yourself doing that.

So for me, there are two things that helped me to be more confident. The first one was to talk with my boyfriend. I finally had the opportunity to share with someone else my insecurities. And it was actually interesting because for him, my problems, like my insecurities, were like simple. He told me like, well, you are beautiful because of the way you are like, because it's your body.

And because you're healthy, so for me at least, there is no problem like if you have small boobs. But he told me that if I was unhappy, and that I didn't like the way I looked, then I have two choices. The first option was just to do the surgery, like the breast enlargement surgery, because if that's the way that it's going to make you feel happy with yourself then do it.

But do it because of you not because of what the others want or might think. And the second option is just start like working on your self-esteem and start like accepting your body the way it is. So actually like sharing your insecurities with someone else is an opportunity to see your problems from another perspective. So maybe what you think is a problem actually is not that much.

And the second thing was to create like a positive environment. So for example, in my social media, especially like on Instagram. I just started start like to unfollow like those accounts that made me feel like bad about myself that I couldn't like identify with them. So I just unfollowed people and companies that promoted beauty standards and stereotypes that made me feel bad about my body and they were like toxic for my self-esteem. And instead of following them, I just started to follow accounts that actually promoted like self-love, body acceptance messages. And just like for example with "the confident body, I had the opportunity to meet like stories of other women that also feel the same way as me. And that helped me realize that I'm not alone, that having those insecurities are normal.

So I just feel like those accounts were like a positive environment for me like to keep in mind that having small boobs is okay and that we deserve also like to be happy with the body that we have, and that we just like need to stop caring about what the other things or what society says that we must be or do and just focus more on yourself. And I think that the key to be confident is just change our mindset like change the way we perceive like our body.

Like to realize that our body is perfect the way it is because first of all it’s healthy and because it's yours. So we just need to be more grateful for the things that we have like the body that we have, and to realize that no matter how is your body if you have big boobs, no boobs or from one shape or from another, it's okay. Because beauty is not one, beauty is diversity. So, just embrace that beauty. Embrace your beauty, your uniqueness and love your small boobs.

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