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Have you ever felt there is no body in this world with a smaller chest than yours? Trust me, it happened to me. It happened to all of us at Perfezione and surely to other hundred of thousands of women around the world with small boobs 🍒 as well.So here we are gonna prove you that small boobs are not only awesome. But they are *also* celebrated by popular and beautiful celebrities who, just like us, have a small chest too! Watch the vide below or keep reading to feel inspired ♥️

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Janine's Story: How I learned to like my Small Boobs

We are back with another Girl Talk: Small boobs confidence interview. This time featuring the gorgeous Janine, from New Zealand.If you are all about feeling more confident with your chest size, needing some motivation to appreciate your body or looking for a confidence booster, then this blog post is for you!Watch the video below or keep reading 👇🏽

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Explant Story and Small Boobs loving 🍒| Breast Implant Illness with Karla

Have you ever heard about BII (Breast Implant Illness)? It is a big deal!If you have ever considered - or are still considering - breast implants, then you might have came across this term. And if not, please keep reading because this might save your life!In this episode, we had a chat with Karla, a Breast Implant Illness survivor,  who's sharing her thoughts about small boobs after explanting her silicones due to health complications.If you want to learn more about how you would feel after an explant, , then this interview is for you!Watch the video below or keep reading to feel inspired.

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Are Small Boobs a turn off? | We asked Ricky

What do they think about women with a flat chest? Will they find us attractive? Are small boobs really a turn-off?Today we interviewed Ricky (@rickyachterstraat). business entrepreneur and fitness enthusiasts who shares with us his thoughts about small boobs and relationships. Read the interview or watch the video below👇🏽

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