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Melanie's Story: Itty Bittys Confidence

“When will my boobs grow? Why this happened to me? How can I grow my boobs?” These are some of the questions Melanie asked herself on a regular. Questions that probably many of us have asked ourselves too. 

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Maria's Story: How to love your Small Boobs

From having issues finding clothes that properly fit her boob area, to realising small boobs are her fashion statement,  Maria’s relationship with her body has been a little bumpy yet very inspiring. At only 16 years old, she's developed a level of confidence that many women would kill to have! - including ourselves-  Keep reading or watch her interview to discover how Maria found true confidence ,and how you can do it too!

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Diana’s Story: Embracing Small Boobs

After wondering why her boobs didn’t grow, Diana realised that everything was about perspective. Instead of looking at her small boobs as a “problem”, she decided to highlight all the benefits she gets with her ittybittys. And now, she sees them as a blessing that she wouldn’t trade for anything.

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Carolina’s Story: Small Boobs Confidence

Coming from a Latin culture in Peru, Carolina never felt like she fitted into the Latin beauty mould. Bombarded by TV shows and movies which only showed voluptuous bodies, she quickly realised that her lack at the top was something that made her feel very self conscious.

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Jenny’s Story: Small Boobs Confidence

24 years old Jenny realised that not feeling confident about her body was completely normal. Whenever she wasn't feeling that good, she would turn to her wardrobe and look for something that shift her mood. Wanna hear more tips on how she increased her body confidence? Keep reading this awesome interview.

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