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Perfezione was born in 2018, and has grown from a girl’s dream in her bedroom, to a fast growing brand on a mission to revolutionise society beauty standards.

 We strive to bring confidence to every woman with small breasts through our passion for bringing small boobs back to fashion - and beautiful lingerie too.

Women need to feel confident, sexy and beautiful with their natural chest size, so Perfezione was born.


Inspire women to feel confident with their natural chest size.


We work hard to bring you sexy and comfortable designs that flatter your chest and remind you how sexy and feminine small boobs are.


Show generations below that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so our young girls grow embracing difference.


BEST birthday present EVER!!! I've wanted a boob job since I was 16 years old. Today I am 34 years old, and feeling beyond comfortable in my own skin lately. Thanks for your page and all the raging bad ass little tittied ladies that enlightened my life!

Dawn @fabulousfibulas

Thank you so much for this page!! I've been having troubles accepting myself as being small since losing a lot of volume from breastfeeding, but after following your page, I now have the courage to go bra free and realise how beautiful and sexy small boobs are. I can't thank you enough ðŸ’–🤗

Natasha @natashaperth

Thank you so much for creating this page, beautiful bras and daily up lifts. I have struggled for years accepting my small boobs, and you're helping me feel confident in my own skin 💞

Hannorah @hannorahmodel


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