Diana’s Story: Embracing Small Boobs

by Valentina Rivera

"If you don’t feel confident about your boobs I would say there are two ways..."

After wondering why her boobs didn’t grow, Diana realised that everything was about perspective.
Instead of looking at her small boobs as a “problem”, she decided to highlight all the benefits she gets with her ittybittys. And now, she sees them as a blessing that  she wouldn’t trade for anything.

If you are part of the Flat Chest Society and still struggle with self-confidence, then her story is perfect for you. Watch the video below or just continue reading.

Video Highlights:

0:10 “Why don’t mine grow?”
1:17 Society in how we perceive our body
2:31 “Now I love everything, like, what’s there not to love? Tell me”
3:40 “If you don’t feel confident about your boobs I would day there are two ways”
5:03 Intimacy & Small boobs 


Diana looking stunning in the Badass Set


Hi! My name is Diana and I am a proud member of the Flat Chest Society.


Diana sparkling self-confidence in Everyday bra

Perfezione: What do you think about small boobs?

Diana: Honestly, I love small boobs and it wasn’t always like this for me. Before, when I was like 14 or 15, when all my peer’s boobs started growing and I started noticing big balloons; I was like: Why don’t mine grow? When will I get a full set of boobs that can actually touch each other? And it really never happened.

So over the years I started looking at them from a different type of perspective and seeing all the benefits I get with small boobs. Being able to wear bras like this without being like “too much” or showing too much skin even though is not for everyone but also like sleeping on them is great and I’m just glad I didn’t convinced myself that I cannot be beautiful without a boob job and I love my titties now. I’m so proud of them.  

Perfezione: Does society influence the way you perceive your body?

Diana: I didn’t think that society has changed my view about breasts so much but then when I actually thought about it I realized that when I was younger, every time I saw a commercial or dated another boy, everyone was preaching big breasts.

And I thought it was completely normal, that’s why I thought it was normal to get a boob job and just go on with your life as happy big breasted woman. And I wouldn’t have thought that having a flat chest is okay and is normal. But now I am seeing more and more positive campaigns and everyone is preaching “you are beautiful for who you are” and accepting yourself and things like that. And I don’t know, something clicked inside of my mind and now I feel like society doesn’t really get to dictate anymore Who you should be and how you should feel.  

Diana proving small boobs are sexy as hell

Perfezione: What do you love the most about having small boobs?

Diana: Honestly this is a hard one for me because now I love everything, like, whats there not to love? Tell me. But id say that first thing is that I am able to sleep on my stomach and I would not trade a boob job for not being able on my stomach, like nah, not happening.

Second thing is my boobs wont “fall out” and people are not giving me “looks” like I am not being sexualized and I am like really grateful about it. And the third thing is being able to exercise and run! Freely and not thinking about if my boobs are going to “fall out” or if the bra is too uncomfortable and the boobs are going to be flopping up and down.

I don’t really know how people deal with this but I wouldn’t want to think about it. 

Perfezione: What would you say to someone who doesn’t have confidence?

Diana: If you don’t feel confident about your boobs I would day there are two ways: You have to decide if you really don’t feel confident or is that someone else told you not to feel confident or is that societys view has affected your way to feel confident with your body, if its society, if its someone else, if its your friend or parents.

Or then you gotta accept yourself for who you are. For me, finding the benefits helped me the most and realizing that there are so many things that I do with my flat chest that I wouldn’t be able to do if I had big breasts and it changed my mind, it flipped it. But if you, deep in yourself feel like this is not what I want, this is not the body I want to be in but it comes from yourself from your own point of view then go get a boob job.

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with it if you feel like you wont be beautiful (without big breasts) it is fine. I feel like “Just do ir and get it over“.


Celebrating small boobs in the Badass set


Because every day we must celebrate
the little things in life

Perfezione: Have you ever felt insecure when being intimate?

Diana: I can say that I really haven’t feel insecure when being intimate except for one time, sorry for the details. But I was on the top and my boobs were hanging down like this and I was enjoying myself and everything was good and then I look down, and I see just like two triangles and they weren’t looking good whatsoever and I just didn’t know they might look this way.

And like in that moment, my sex drive, my appeal, my everything , my mental estate, they all just went south and I just felt so insecure after that. 

But once I learned that just that’s how my boobs will always look and that there is nothing I can do about it, I then accept it and if like, my boyfriend doesn’t have a problem with it, no one has a problem with it, Why would I have a problem with my boobs? So yeah, that is pretty much it. And since then I’ve never really feel insecure about them ever again. 

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