Jenny’s Story: Small Boobs Confidence

by Valentina Rivera

“It takes time to learn about yourself, about your body, what you are really confident with”

At 24 years old,  Jenny realized that not feeling confident about her body was completely normal. In fact, is something that all of us feel on a very regular basis and you should't feel bad or ashamed about.  

Whenever she wasn't feeling that good and needed a confident boost, she would turn to her wardrobe and look for something that shift her mood. Wanna hear more tips on how she increased her body confidence? 

Watch this video or continue reading to get inspired by Jenny´s story.

Video Highlights:

0:05 “I’ve never been 100% confident about my boobs”
1:02 Society & Self Love
1:30 What do you love the most of having small boobs?
2:00 Insecure when being intimate
2:37 “I think it is okay if you don’t have confidence” 


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Feeling comfy in mind, body & spirit

Perfezione: What do you think about small boobs?

Jenny: I’ve never been 100% confident about my boobs and don’t think I ever will. I think it takes time and that’s fine. I don’t think anyone is completely satisfied with how they look or how their breasts look and I think that takes time.

And I think it also took time to really get there because I was always the one in my group of friends that had like the smallest boobs and I was always like the one that got into puberty the latest, so I was just always “behind”.

I feel that everyone has days where they just feel down and they don’t really have that confidence and have that too for sure.

And I think it also really depends on your mood and maybe also what you are wearing like, sometimes when you wear something and you feel like “Oh, my chest looks really good in this” and then you get that confidence boost. 

Perfezione: Does society influence the way you perceive your body?

Jenny: For sure, I think society is a big part of how people look at themselves and their confidence. I think social media in general is where a lot of people get insecure about how they look and they think that there is a certain standard to how they are supposed to look like and I think that is wrong.

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Perfezione: What do you love the most of having small boobs?

Jenny: It doesn’t look vulgar whenever I’m wearing something that is very like, when your chest is showing or just in general, you can just wear anything like those small crop tops.

I'm actually starting to no wearing bra when I’m just wearing just like crop top and it is so relieving you are just free. I think it also depends on what I am wearing.

Perfezione: Have you ever felt insecure when being intimate?

Jenny: Yes, and I think that’s normal and I still am. Every body type is different.

I don’t think, well, I haven’t personally thought “I don’t look womanly enough” but obviously I’ve also thought “My breasts aren’t big enough” or “This guy was used to bigger boobs”.

But I don’t know, I just felt confident with the guys I’ve been with and it has never been an issue for them.  


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Perfezione: What would you say to someone who doesn’t have confidence?

Jenny: I think it is okay if you don’t have confidence, that takes time and I was also in your place.

I am not completely confident either and I think that is okay. It takes time to learn about yourself, about your body, what you are really confident with, what you like to wear to make you feel more confident.

I don’t think it is just all about your boobs, it really comes from within.

Moral of the story: “Is okay if you are not confident. It takes time” 

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Thank you for products that make me feel more empowered as a woman!!! I have been scared of summer coming up but after seeing women rock the small titties, I am feeling more confident!

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