Valerie's Story: Everything about Small Boobs Love

by Valentina Rivera

"I really love small boobs, they make my life much easier"

Battling with body image, young Valerie grew up to be a confident and proud IBTC member till the point that now she wouldn’t trade her small boobs for anything in this world!

Despite all the unrealistic beauty stereotypes society promote, Valerie decided not to follow them as her truth and start accepting her body the way it is. 

Want to know how she got this confident mindset? Then watch her interview below or  just continue reading.

Video Highlights:

0:33 "Now I understand how precious my Small Boobs are "
1:58  "Everything just shows you these perfect body images”
5:49  “My boobs are always free”
8:00  “I have just been insecure about my whole body”
9:51  “This is where your confidence will grow” 


Remember to be kind to your body


My name is Valerie, and I am 23 years old, originally from Russia but I have had the gift of living in the beautiful country of Thailand for the past 10 years of my life. And today I’m going to talk to you on the topic of “Loving yourself” and my story about living and growing up with Small Boobs.


All you need is to embrace your body the way it is!

Perfezione: What do you think about small boobs?

Valerie: I think Small Boobs are awesome. Honestly, and… I only think that now. I know I didn’t think that before. It wasn’t always like this.

But now I understand how precious my Small Boobs are to me and I am so thankful that I have them and not some big huge boobs that are gonna be a problem in whatever things I do such as sport or sleeping or just being active, and it is just so easy with Small Boobs.
I think boobs are boobs and we should all be appreciating all parts of our bodies no matter how big or small they are.

We are all different, we are all unique, and of course we are not perfect but nobody is perfect and I think it is perfectly fine to have Small Boobs and be proud of them and enjoy them and show them off and yeah… just love your boobs. And not just your boobs but your whole body!

I think it is really important, and obviously whatever body that you have just helps you in the best way possible to be that unique and beautiful individual that you are. 

Perfezione: Does society influence the way you perceive your body?

Valerie: I definitely think that society does have a way of influencing our body image and what we want to be, especially when we are just young and we grow up. I remember when I used to be young, my friends would start growing boobs and I would not be growing any boobs and I am quite tall so I would always consider being “weird” that all of my shorter friends already have big good looking boobs and I never had any.

So sometimes even my friends would make fun of me that I kinda I look like a “board” because I didn’t have any boobs or any curves in my body. And I did really affect my self-esteem and my confidence. I was not confident in myself whatsoever when I was young. And it wasn’t just about my boobs, but it was my whole body image that I was really ashamed of. I thought that I looked really bad and was fat and I had to come to the mirror constantly checking myself

Sometimes I wouldn’t had any food and… other times I would just keep looking at myself and telling myself that I am ugly and that I don’t deserve anything or that I am not pretty enough. And that I want be like all those other girls and I want to be better looking and I want to have bigger boobs, I want to be more skinny.

And obviously the effect came now only from the society that surrounded me but also the society that was out there and the people, how they look and the things that we see in the TV and the Internet, in the shows, everything just shows you these perfect body images that cannot really be attained and It took me really quite sometime to understand that I don’t have to be like these people. I can just be myself and I can strive towards my goals.  

Small boobs? No problem!

I know that we are not perfect and I know there is always room for perfection. I can always be striving to be something bigger and better like working out to get my butt bigger or working on my abs to get my abs looking bigger, but other than that I just know that wherever I am now and wherever I am in my journey, I am perfect the way that I am and if I come to be a little bit better in a month or in a year that’s great but that doesn’t mean that right now I am not beautiful.

I think that everybody is beautiful wherever they are in their journey and even if they are striving for something better
I want you to understand that it doesn’t mean that if there is “better” you are “bad” now. You are perfectly fine now.

You are the way that you are and you should be proud of where you are in your journey and stop listening to the society or the people around you that keep telling you how to be or what to do or how you should look like or what your boobs should look like or what your ass should look like

Perfezione: What do you love the most of having small boobs?

Probably one or the most important thing to me is the fact that I can walk around with no bra and not be looked that weirdly like “girl, your boobs are hanging… why are you walking around with no bra?”.

I am totally fine wearing crop tops and different bralettes and small bras and it doesn’t really matter, most of the time I don’t really wear a bra just because I have small boobs: Why would I worry? Why would I need to wear a bra?

I don’t need support, they are perfectly fine on their own and it is just so cool and so easy and I don’t have to go through the struggle of coming home and taking off the bra and being like “Ahhh, freedom to the boobs” No! Freedom to the boobs all the time
My boobs are always free which is great because I have small boobs


Proving small titties look BOMB! In deep-v bikinis 

And… obviously is just easy, I am quite active and I workout a lot so I don’t really worry about my boobs getting in the way or not I am doing burpees, I am doing jumps and they are not bouncing up and down like they would be if they were huge. 
And its just so much easier being an active human being and running around and doing things when you don’t have big boobs. I know from personal experience, both of my sisters have really big boobs and the things that I do, I just watch them struggle with the same things. 

It is so hard for them because their big boobs are always in the way and they are heavy to carry and they are just not really comfortable. But for me it is so comfortable cause they are just there and I don’t even really notice them and its easy and yeah… all the awesome things I can wear with open back or really low neckline and stuff like this  

It is just so much easier just because my boobs are small. So… I really love small boobs, they make my life much easier  


Glowing confidence while slaying her itty bittys

Perfezione: Have you ever felt insecure when being intimate?

Valerie: Well, because since I was young, like I said, I was always insecure and it has been a problem for me in general, being intimate or not intimate, it doesn’t matter. And I personally saying I have never been insecure about my boobs being intimate, I have just been insecure about my whole body and most of the time is my stomach or my thighs that I look at and I am like “Hmm I don’t want other people to see this… I think I am fat” And stuff like this…

But like I said before, when you come to the realization that all parts of you are perfect and you are working on yourself and you know that you are doing something for yourself to get better from where you are right now. But at the same time you don’t blame yourself for where you are and you enjoy every moment of your journey. 

This is when you understand that every part of you is perfectly fine and with my boobs of course I joke around about them with my boyfriend and he always jokes that I need a boob job or I could have bigger boobs or whatever but on a serious note, once I told him I wanted to have a boob job and he was like “No, why? 

I don’t think you should, your boobs are perfect the way they are. Yes, they are small, but these are your boobs and I think you should be proud of them”. So I never had it coming from other people that I should do something with my boobs or that I should feel insecure about my boobs. I felt insecure about my whole body but once I learnt to step over all of the insecurities and become more confident in my body as a whole. It never was a problem for me anymore. 

Perfezione: What would you say to someone who doesn’t have confidence?

Valerie: I think is completely normal and the way that you feel is the same that everybody feels. I did have and I still do sometimes have days when I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin and I think is totally normal but the most important I think is surrounding yourself with the right people. And I was never super self-confident about my boobs because I always had people around me, my friends, gorgeous beautiful girls who also had small boobs or their boobs were even smaller than mine; who were complaining to me that they are insecure as well about their boobs and we would talk about it.

But these people grew on to be beautiful women with their boobs small or almost non existent just because they learnt to embrace what they were and they learnt to work on themselves. So if you learn to embrace and you have the right surrounding and the right mindset of people around you and your personal mindset is set on creating goals for yourself and becoming a better person whether it be your body image or your character or your personality, you will always feel that you are not perfect.

But perfection is unattainable and it is really important to just learn to love yourself because once you learn to love yourself you will start appreciating every single day in your journey and then you will be looking back and thinking that “Wow, that many years ago I looked like that and I was so unconfident in myself and I didn’t know what I was doing and look at me now. I know exactly where I am going, I know where my self-growth is coming from, I have confidence and I know that I am going towards these goals and I know that I am reaching these goals

So once you really have that confidence, once you really learn love yourself and to accept the insecurities that you have, we are not perfect, but once you accept that this is what you have and this is the way that you are as a person and you learn how to love yourself just by being what you are right now, this is where your confidence will grow and you will definitely be onto much better things because you will just start becoming a better version of yourself every single day.


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